NYC Easter Bonnet Parade

mariana leung easter

If you are in New York City during Easter, the can't-miss event is always the NYC Easter Bonnet Parade along Fifth Avenue of Manhattan. It is not a formal parade per se, but more of a wandering of the most creative fans of vintage styles, arts and crafts and elaborate millinery.

Here is me, designer Mariana Leung in the pink peony hat I made the night before. I'm posing with renowned costume designer Rosemary Ponzo who is famous for her extravagant chapeau every year at the Parade. (This is the most subdued hat I have ever seen her wear).

I put together my hat while watching Mad Max Fury Road with some friends. I started with a fascinator base, covered it in silk. I stitched a few printed fabric flowers with a few big Preciosa crystals for sparkle. The pink peony itself is actually a giant paper tissue party decoration that has spent the last few months protecting my ottoman stool from the cat.

This is the first time I have actually created anything to wear to the parade. Usually, I attend for the sole purpose of photographing the gorgeous creations of other people for my blog Ms. Fabulous. Here are some of the awesome styles of some people who have been doing this a lot longer than me:

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