Telling Our Story to STORY

One of NYC's most interesting retail concepts is in Chelsea. Rachel Schechtman imagined a shop that was curated like a magazine editorial. I first learned about this cool shop from hearing her speak at the Martha Stewart American Made Conference.

Each month, the store merchandise and program revolves around a central "story". One month it was women, another was health, or holidays, etc. Also, every so often, they have an event where makers get to network and also pitch Rachel their own story. She always has surprise guests that also curate the event with her. This month it was Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine editor Adam Glassman.

They loved Weng Meng Design's embellished sashes and feathered capelet. However, their favorite was definitely the pin cushion rings which they asked to keep. You have a chance to get one for yourself in the shop.

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